Thanks for stopping by. My name is Daljit Ranajee. Have a look around my website. Here you can learn more about me in the Author Profile and personal page, view My Paintings, My Blog and gain an insight into my latest book, Echoes from Punjab: Metamorphosis of a Woman. Enjoy!


Echoes From Punjab is published by Suncoast Digital Press and

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From India to America and back, echoes of an arranged marriage and brave young mother will resonate with those who view life as an unfolding journey.


Jasmine, a beautiful new bride of seventeen, leaves her humble village in India for America to begin her journey full of laughter and tears thereafter. With her innocent charm, beauty, and spontaneity, she finds her way in the strange new world, though her heart stays true to her upbringing--no matter what peaks and valleys she must endure. Echoes From Punjab is a poignant saga of love, disloyalty, sacrifice, the power of motherhood, and courage.


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my painting-waterfall--2009

Fall Scene---2011